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SUNFLOUR is a baked-to-order dessert shop. We serving comfort and unpretentious kind of treats. As much as we love eating a good desserts, making one is more of the fulfilment to our soul and hope we can fills yours. Most of the menus were happen in favour of our friends and family while some are a familiar menu that we can't find the right one on the market so we craft out our version of it.


As a design-oriented baker, baking is like the method to convey our 

purpose to create and spread edible joy. Each component was considerately placed and harmonized result in the flavoursome finishing yet a delight to look at.

Delivering a pleasant and meaningful cake-perience through our baked goods to put a smile on someone face or making someone day better, after then we can call it a day.

We're aware of how the baking business can affect the environment. This is the consistent mission and we have a lot of work to do and learn on this issue to be more effecient on eco-friendly baking. So what we can start now is trying to find the solution that doing

less harm to our planet.

> Swap single use item with the reusable like the washable baking sheet instead of throwing away parchment paper in certain method.

> On packaging, as a small business we can't afford a mass custom production, rather we choose the available material like kraft paper instead of plastic. Also keeping the package simple with no unnecessary fancy part.

> It's not only upon us, if possible, we use the ingredient brand that provides the info. about their origin, process and social responsibility. 


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the earth
the only one
with cake !

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A good dessert flourishes from indeed a good ingredients and that is one thing we won’t

compromise. We want to assure you that this edible joy comes with quality. As we tell you that we love eating dessert, another secret is we are eating nerds that obsessive about what's that piece of cake made of? So when it's our turn of making one we focusing on putting less : chemical, processed, and sweetener as well the flavour you taste is Real and Natural because artificial isn't welcome in our kitchen.